Empty Places



'Fresh, engaging, down-to-earth and bubbling with creative brilliance' (The West Australian) begins to describe Mr. Sister; a duo featuring the sublime vocal, cello and songwriting of Mel Robinson and the diverse musical skills of pianist/percussionist Steve Richter.

Musically, the album is captivating, heartfelt and layered richly with strings, with tracks like 'The Edge' and the title track 'Empty Places' using live looping techniques to create intimate tapestries of cello, vocals and percussion.

Across the recording, Mel's honest lyricism provides the springboard from which the music breathes into life.


01 Empty Places
02 Rain
03 Half-Life
04 Shelter.mp3
05 Ghost Eve
06 The Edge
07 Part Gold
08 Precious
09 Peace Starts Here
10 The Ocean Song
11 Barebones
12 Talk It Over
13 Apogee