Taal Naan

CD Cover Taal Naan1


Taal Naan is a worldy flavoured percussion fest featuring my good friend and musical Jedi Josh Hogan www.joshhogan.com.au No sound is out of bounds, and we had alot of fun creating this album. ‘Taal Naan’s debut album Rhythm Bred offers delicious/excruciating puns…and much more. Primarily percussive, inventive and globally-inclined, Josh Hogan and Steve Richter are a playful Australian duo whose vast instrumental array includes the studio itself.‘ Doug Spencer The Weekend Planet.

01 Saurabh
02 Four Loves Three
03 Seeker 1
04 Meeting Place
05 Char
06 Flutter
07 Hang 4
08 Seeker 2
09 Nubofane
10 Rhythmbred 11 The Time Is Breathing
12 Bhaji Smugglers
13 Rusty Gherkin
14 The Weight